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  • 物理讲坛(2020年第17讲)拓扑超导中相位与量子比特的关联动力学研究
  • 发布时间:2020年10月21日 16:10 作者: 
  • 题目:拓扑超导中相位与量子比特的关联动力学研究
    报告人: 王志 (中山大学)




    摘要:Topological Josephson junctions are distinct from conventional ones in that they host Majorana bound states which form a two-level quantum system, the so-called Majorana qubit. This quantum dynamics of this Majorana qubit inevitably interplays with the dynamics of the Josephson phase difference. In order to study this interplay, we construct a so-called quantum resistively shunted junction model, which correctly captures the influence of the Josephson phase on the energies of the Majorana qubit and the feedback from the qubit states to the Josephson energy. Within this model, we study the I-V characteristics and the Josephson radiation of the junction. We demonstrate an intrinsic hysteric I-V curve as well as a unique interrupted emission line in the radiation spectra. Our results are quantitatively in agreement with recent experiments.


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